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What is H&L Member Card?
H&L member card is our way of saying thank you. Every time you visit to our store, present your membership card to enjoy great member benefits. Every RM4 spent is equivalent to 1 point.

Why Join?
Enjoy great member benefits i.e. member price, members only events and collect points every time you spend at H&L. Once you have collected 1000 points and above, you can redeem RM10 gift Vouchers.

Checking your points has never been easier!

Kiosk is available at:

  1. Tabuan Plaza
  2. BDC
  3. MJC
  4. Serian
  5. Matang Mall
  6. Aiman Mall
  7. Eastern Mall
  8. Kuching Sentral
Shop at
You recieve 1 point for every RM4 you spend in all H&L Outlets Extra Point
Collect extra Points promotion on members day.
Up to 5x member Points
Pay Sesco
Collect 10 Points per bill. Mobile
Top-up your prepaid in any H&L store, every RM4 =1 point.
Pay Astro
Collect Points every
RM4 = 1 Point
Enjoy Great Discounts & Attractive Offers!
Q: What is H&L Member Card?
A: H&L Member Card is a Customer loyalty Program-Our way of saying ‘thank you for shopping at H&L Supermarket Sdn.Bhd’.
Q: How does H&L Member Card work?
A: Present you member card or virtual card to the cashier to enjoy member price and collect points.
Q: Do I have to pay for H&L Member Card?
A: Yes, you need to pay one time joining fee of RM10 to join the program.
Q: Where can I use my H&L Member card?
A: H&L Member card can be used in all H&L Supermarket branches.
Q: How do I collect H&L Member Card Points?
A: You collect 1 Point for every RM4 that you spend in H&L Supermarket Sdn.Bhd.
Q: Are there any exclusion?
A: Yes. Purchase of H&L Gift Vouchers.
Q: How soon can I use my H&L Member Card?
A: Purchase a physical member card at any of our cashier counter. Download H&L Xpress App on Play Store or App Store, register your card and you are good to go.
Q: Will my H&L Member Card Points expire?
A: H&L Member Points expires in every 3 years from the date the points issued.
Q: What is H&L Member Card Point worth?
A: You will get Rm0.01 worth of cash voucher of every Point collected.
Q: What if I don’t collect 1000 Points?
A: If you do not collect enough points to qualify for Gift Vouchers, the Points will be carried over to the next collection period, so you won’t lose them.
Q: How do I know when my H&L Member Card Expires?
A: There is no expiry date for the card or in other words you no need to renew your membership.
Q: Is there a maximum points I can collect?
A: No, You can collect as many points as you like.
Q: Is H&L Member Card another credit Card?
A: No, It is a card that allows you to collect point when you shop at H&L Supermarket so that you can redeem for Gift Vouchers.
Q: How can I find out how many points I have collected?
A: You can check your points through our website or H&L Xpress App. Points will be updated in 24 – 48 hours.
Q: Will you share my information with other companies?
A: We assure you that your personal details are safe with us and will never be released to companies outside of H&L Group. We will restrict the sharing of your information to H&L Supermarket (Kuching branches), H&L Group and businesses that process H&L Member Card information on our behalf only for our marketing purpose.
Q: One of my relatives has passed away – can I change the card to my name so that the points are not lost?
A: Please bring along a copy of death certificate and a letter of administration/grant probate to Our Headquarters of H&L Group for Point transfer. We will Freeze the accounts after we identify all the information is correct and we will move the points to your account or another new account.
Q: How do I cancel My H&L Member card?
A: Please call to our Customer Services Hot line and they can cancel your account.
Q: What do I need to sign up to H&L Member card?
A: An H&L Member Card is open to all Customers. We will need to see a valid Photo ID (NRIC) when you sign up and make payment at our counter. It is important that you fill in the application Form clearly with the correct name, Contact Numbers, Email address and Home address details, so we know Where to contact you if there is a problem with your account.
Q: Where can I apply for a H&L Member Card?
A: You can apply for a H&L Member card at any branches of H&L Supermarket Sdn.Bhd.
Q: How old do I have to be to apply for a H&L Member Card?
A: Customers have to be aged 18 or over to take part in the program and hold H&L Member Card.
Q: Can I apply for H&L Member Card if I am a foreign student or an expatriate?
A: Yes. You will need to fill in the application for and provide your address in Malaysia and your passport number. We will need to see your passport as identification.
FAQS: Can I have extra cards?
Q: I filled in an application form for H&L Member Card last week. Can I have an extra card(s) on that account for my husband/ other members of my family?
A: Our H&L Member cards now comes with 3 mini cards. They don’t have to re-apply for one but instead, you can share your mini cards with them.
Q: I and my husband had filled in two application form for H&L Member Card Last week? Can we combine our account?
A: No. Both accounts will be registered under different name.
FAQS: H&L Card Stolen, Lost or damaged
Q: if my H&L card is stolen, lost or damaged; what can I do?
A: You may drop an email to to get your card number. You may register for virtual card on your H&L Xpress App.
FAQS: H&L Vouchers
Q: How long are my H&L Gift Vouchers valid for?
A: The expiry date is one month within the date of the vouchers issued.
Q: How can I spend my H&L Gift Vouchers?
A: Your H&L Gift Vouchers and your H&L Member Card with you when you come shopping at H&L Supermarket. At the end of the transaction give your H&L Gift Vouchers to the cashier to have the value deducted from your total bill.
Q: Where can I use my H&L Gift Vouchers?
A: You can use your H&L Gift Vouchers at any branches of H&L Supermarket sdn bhd.
Q: When can I redeem for H&L Gift Voucher and where to redeem?
A: You may redeem your gifts vouchers on H&L Xpress App, or at any of our cashier counters.
FAQS: H&L Member Card – How to change my personal detail?
Q: What if my personal details change (eg. Move house, change name etc)?
A: if your personal details have changed, kindly call to our member services hot line to let us know. Member Service Personnel will confirm your identity and card number (you will need to tell your IC number and card number) for verification purpose. Next, you just tell them what changes you want to do. We will then amend your details on our database based on what you had requested.



1.1 The H & L member Card (“Member Card”) is issued by and remains the property of H & L Retail Sdn.Bhd. Company number 345274-X(“H&L”) which reserves the right at any time without notice,to (a) suspend or terminate the Program (b)decline to issue Member Card and (c) on reasonable ground withdraw or cancel Member Card Points collected or to alter or amend the conditions of operation of the Program.

Reasonable grounds includes:

  1. any abuse or attempted abuse of the Program, or

  2. any use or attempted use of a Member Card or points in a manner which is contrary to this terms and conditions, or

  3. any reasonable suspicion of dishonesty on the part of the member in connection with the Program, or(iv) declared bankruptcy,wound up or termination of business, or

1.2 You confirm that you have full knowledge, understanding, and acceptance of all the terms and condition of this upon purchase of the H&L Member Card and upon registration. Your successful registration for and use of the member cards constitutes your consent to be bound by this.

H&L Member Card

1.3 “H&L Member Cards” carries a unique number and you may set a password for the purpose enquiry and calculation of points or for redeeming other related benefits.

1.4 Member service : H&L Member Card offered by H&L includes :

a. Point accumulation : For every RM4 worth of purchase, H&L Members earn 1 point

b. Point redemption : Points can be redeemed for use in purchased at all H&L outlet.

The conversion rate is : 1000 points = RM10. Min Redemption is 1000 points.

c. Point validity period : 3 years from the month the points earned. (For example, points earned in 1st March 2019 are valid till 1st March 2022.)

d. Member events and discount benefits.

1.5 Enquiry : All your opartion in this system will be recorded by H&L, regardless of the success or failure of the attempts in attaining the desired results. You may enquire about the points accumulated in your H&L Member Card through H&L Xpress. If you deem the record incorrect, you may request a detailed transaction record from the company.

H&L Member Account

1.6 Registration

You agree that :

  • You shall provide information as required to register for the service and ensure the information submitted is accurate, current and complete. If the information is suspected to be inaccurate, not current or incomplete, H&L reserves the right to suspend or terminate, in part or in full, the service for you.

  • In the event of non-performance of the service or mistake involved as a result of your failure to update your personal information, you shall bear the full consequences and the company will not be liable for any responsibility.

  • You shall be responsible for your H&L Member Card account, which is designated solely for your own use and cannot be transferred, given as a gift or inherited.

Account Security

1.8 Taking full responsibility for your actions concerning the H&L Member Card account and its password. You agree that :

  • You will not reveal your H&L Member Card number and password to others, nor will you use any person’s H&L Member Card number and password.

  • Should you find your H&L Member Card or password stolen or misplaced, you shall notify the company immediately and effectively, and request for suspension of the service. You understand that the company needs reasonable time to process your request.

Points Redemption

1.9 For effective protection of your legal interest in using the service, you understand and agree to accept the following provision :

  • with use of the service, points will be granted through various forms. No cash value endowed upon the points. They cannot be converted into cash or any other forms of money, regardless of the way through which the points are earned.

  • You are entitled only to convert the points granted into designated vouchers according to the company relevant provisions.

  • Fraud, misuse, or other misconduct involving the acquisition and use of points may result in the immediate cancellation, restriction or termination of your points or the use of your points.

  • H&L Xpress App Points Redemption: Any accident removal of vouchers will not be refunded.

  • Vouchers redeemed must be fully utilised within ONE month period.

Privacy Protection

1.10 Your acceptance of using the service constitutes your consent to the use, application and disclosure of your personal information by the company according to the following provisions and the Privacy Policy.

a. Password

You are required to set a password upon registration as identification of your H&L Member Card.

System Halt or Failure

1.11 H&L shall not be liable for any loss or damage in the event of system halt or non-performance of the service as a result of the following causes:

a. Servers are down for maintenance with relevant notice posted on the H&L website by the company.

b. Data communication fails as a result of telecommunication equipment failure;

c. The company system failed due to circumstances beyond its reasonable control, including typhoon, earthquake, tsunami, flooding, electrical power failure, war, acts of terrorism, and other force major incidents.

d. Service is interrupted or delayed for reasons such as hacker attacks, technical adjustment or system breakdown on the part of telecommunication providers website upgrades, technical difficulties with banking systems, etc.