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Achievements & Accolades

H&L uses nearly all traditional and new edge revolutionary media to communicate with its customers and the general public in getting customer’s support and acceptance. By using other supermarket’s failure cases, and the challenging market situations as guidelines, H&L possesses useful experience of high quality has rewarded us with unbelievable results of economic progress as well as increased recognition and acceptance by the customers and the public as the “Best Shopping Choice” that is “Trusted For Generations”.

With a single focus on constantly improving and upgrading our standards to meet and satisfy growing customer’s needs for choices and quality, H&L has relentlessly innovate and develop our way of work, people development, products and services to enhance our reputation as a market leader in the retail industry.

“Business Superbrand 2006”
In year 2006, H&L become the one and only supermarket in Malaysia and the first of its kind in the industry to be awarded the prestigious “Business Superbrands” award by the world established The Superbrand Association based in London, U.K. The recognition only goes to prove that H&L’s business culture and ethics as well as its operation standards are now recognized by world class standards.

It is also a recognition that the continuous development of H&L from what used to be a small family-run grocery store to become now an established network chain of retail supermarket has stand the test of time and the transformation throughout the years has been a successful example of a business that is built to last.

Growing from strength to strength, H&L once again claim international recognition by being awarded the “Excellent Brand” award in the following year in conjunction with “The 6th Asia Pacific International Entrepreneur Excellence Award” in year 2007.

Another remarkable recognition for H&L, as this is also the one time that such an award is awarded to a retail supermarket chain in Malaysia. Another proven and time tested achievements for H&L for being the examplary leadership model in the Malaysia retail industry.

“The Asia Pacific International Entrepreneur Excellence” Award 2007 – “Excellent Brand”