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As a store known for stocking leading brands we are always looking for more to offer our customers. Here we have created a premium brand range of our own, one which could give you the opportunity to enjoy the difference and quality that is equal to or better than the market leading brands, but a lower price.

H&L House brand was launched to offer a better deal to customers. Today, we have developed over 100 products ranging from food to beverage, grocery to household products. We plan to design our range to cover everything from day-to-day essentials an traditional favorites, to delicious Treats and authentic dishes.

This means each time you buy “HON LEE”, you can be confident that you are getting premium quality at the best price. H&L is also the first supermarket to introduce house brand products and as at to date with the most number of house brand products in town.

H&L, as a household name, will continue to be synonymous with offering customers “The Best Value Without Compromising Quality”.

H&L continuously strives to look out innovative and refreshing ideas and products to keep up with the new age developments. H&L’s mission to provide “Best Value”, “Quality Products” and “Excellent Service”. Besides, the H&L brand is associated with trustworthiness, stability, and progressiveness.