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Our History

From a small little conventional sundry shop, to become one of Sarawak today’s biggest and most popular chain of retail supermarket, H&L Supermarket has walked through a remarkable era spanning more than 60 glorious years.

From an originally small scale family-based operated business to start with, H&L Supermarket is now one of the state’s fastest growing and major player in the retail industry with a strong distribution of 14 outlets serving and reaching to mass consumers all across Kuching, Kota Samarahan & Serian.

This is the story of H&L Supermarket, a legacy of business success crossing over half a century.

  • 1959 – 1978
    Founded in the year 1959 by the founding owner, Mr. Bong Sung Siew, the origin of H&L Supermarket were none different like the typical “china-man” grocery shop. Registered under the sole proprietorship of Mr. Bong Sung Siew under the name of “Chop Hon Lee”, H&L first started its operation in the old Batu Kawah town with the member of staff consisting of Mr. Bong and his loving family members and the business has remain as it is from there on.
  • 1979 – 1995
    It was not until about 20 years later, that Mr. Bong decided to relocate the business and H&L has moved from the original spot to the strategic shop location beside the 3rd Mile roundabout which is where it is situated now beside the 3rd Mile Bazaar.
    The double storey duo-unit corner shop located adjacent to the 3rd market now has since become the famous landmark of H&L Supermarket. Many old Kuchingite will remember H&L fondly as the first grocery shop in the area, and H&L has since become a family household name.
  • 1996 – Now
    In 1996, “Chop Hon Lee” officially convert from a sole proprietorship business to become a private limited company under the new name “H&L Supermarket Sdn Bhd”, which is used until today.
    From there on, H&L has grown rapidly, with new outlets opened one after another, covering major residential areas across Kuching and Serian. Up till today, H&L stands proud with a total of 14 well equipped and efficient outlets in areas such as 10th Mile, BDC, MJC, , Serian, Bandar Baru Samariang, 7th Mile, Taman Malihah, with few supercenters located at Tabuan Plaza, Kuching Sentral, Matang Mall, Aiman Mall, Eastern Mall Siburan and the latest outlet at Eco Mall, Petra Jaya, other than the first one in 3rd Mile.
    All outlets are linked up with the most state of the art ICT system that enables faster, more efficient and greater services about inventories, warehousing and consumer data.

Mission Statement

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It is the mission of the company to establish our position as the leading discounted supermarket committed to deliver value, quality and services that is of the highest standards. H&L will continue to be the ultimate choice for customers and consumers for the most comprehensive range of quality products at the most competitive prices delivered through friendly and welcoming services at the convenient locations.


  1. Practice “Customers First” policy whereby customer satisfaction decides the success and destiny of our business, supported by the highest level of customer service, through constant feedback and inter-communication exercise.
  2. Provide the “Best Value For Money” that the customer spent while shopping at our outlets.
  3. Ensure that our customers have the access to the “Highest Possible Quality” of products to select from.
  4. Produce a high level of operating standards and manage business costs, shrinkages and wastage at all times.
  5. Maximise sales by understanding and satisfying our consumers and customers need by providing the niche of their needs.
  6. Constantly upgrade and innovate in all areas of our operations and services to remain competitive in the challenging and ever growing global market.

Business Philosophy

In the many areas of H&L’s business cultures, operation and services, three main components make up the entire philosophy of our business.




In our day to day operations, H&L pledge to provide our customer with the best shopping “Value” on the money spent by our customers and consumers with the most reasonable price, as well as the best available “Quality” of products that we can possibly find and the warm and friendly “Service” that leaves our customers and consumers the most satisfied shopping experience in the safe and pleasant shopping environment.

H&L also believes in the potential of electronic and computerized commerce which will help to meet our objectives of making shopping as convenient and as hassle free as possible to our consumers and customers.


Business Superbrand

In year 2006, H&L become the one and only supermarket in Malaysia and the first of its kind in the industry to be awarded the prestigious “Business Superbrands” award by the world established The Superbrand Association based in London, U.K. The recognition only goes to prove that H&L’s business culture and ethics, as well as its operation standards, are now recognized by world-class standards.

It is also a recognition that the continuous development of H&L from what used to be a small family-run grocery store to become now an established network chain of retail supermarket has stand the test of time and the transformation throughout the years has been a successful example of a
business that is built to last.

Excellent Brand

Growing from strength to strength, H&L once again claim international recognition by being awarded the “Excellent Brand” award in the following year in conjunction with “The 6th Asia Pacific International Entrepreneur Excellence Award” in year 2007.

Another remarkable recognition for H&L, as this is also the one time that such an award is awarded to a retail supermarket chain in Malaysia. Another proven and time tested achievements for H&L for being the exemplary leadership model in the Malaysia retail industry.

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